The Early 1900’s

in 1902 the Lodge purchased two lots from Sidney Moore for $1400.00 on the South side of the temple to be used as a parking lot. Sidney Moore reduced the price by $500.00 if both lots were purchased. Delaware Chapter loaned the Lodge $200.00 to purchase the lots and the loan was repaid in 1903.

More than two years after the Gas Company agreed to pipe the Temple for gas at a price of $48.60, it was finally done at a cost of $132.80.

In 1903, a toilet and lavatory was installed under the stairway.

Late in 1904, a committee was appointed to submit plans and costs for remodeling the Western part of the Temple.
This Committee reported on January 25, 1905;
“After thorough investigations of the matter, we recommend the following:
To build an addition to the present Lodge building, conforming to the present architecture two stories in height; removing the gallery from the West end of the Lodge room, making the Lodge room 57ft long, or about 12 feet longer than the present room, and otherwise following the plans of the architect. The probable cost will be approximately $3000.”

This report was held over to the next stated communication. It was accepted and the committee was instructed to proceed.

In 1905 the pipe organ committee was revived. The recommendation was for prices from $1500-$2500. The committee was an instructed to purchase an organ at its own discretion the organ was installed in arrangements were made for its dedication on October 5, 1905.

In 1906 a petition was received from the brethren at Ostrander, Ohio, on June 12, to the M. W. Grand Master for the establishment of a Lodge at that place. The petition was tabled until the next Stated when it came up and the Lodge recommended the Ostrander brethern to the favorable consideration of the M.W. Grand Master. Later another letter was sent to the M.W. Grand Master favorable to Ostrander brethren. It is evident that a dispensation was granted the Ostrander brethren to form a Lodge as Hiram Lodge presented them with Deacons and Stewards Rods and loaned them the E.A, F.C., and M.M. charts.

The committee on remodeling was authorized to furnish the new addition. The secretary were authorized to sell the old organ. The building committee reported the cost of the addition to be $4410.

In 1906 the Trustees reported that the Free Public Library Association was about to give up their Room in the Temple and move to their new Carnegie Library Building on N. Sandusky St.

The Library Association had furnished the room including flooring, plastering, plumbing, furnace lights, and gas at the cost of $525. The trustees were authorized to offer them $250 for all improvements except the furnace.

The Lodge planned to use this room for a Masonic Club, the Club to be under the control of the Lodge.