Finishing and Dedicating the Temple

During the construction of Sidney Moore Temple, the Committee on furniture, etc., reported they had consulted with a number of the brothers and they were of the opinion that the Temple should be furnished throughout in a manner that would show our appreciation of the magnificent gift of brother Sidney Moore. It is possible that some of the present furniture could be used, but it would compare unfavorably with the furniture that would be new. In view of this, the committee recommended the purchase of new furniture throughout and the selection made would cost $896.65. This would increase to over $2000 to furnish the Temple.

It was the sense of the Lodge that a raised platform should be placed around the sides of the Lodge room and the committee on furniture to an instructed to confer with brother Sidney Moore and the contractor regarding the direction of the platform. This committee reported a platform could be erected for $36.76. The report was accepted, and committee ordered to proceed.

Sidney Moore Temple was dedicated January 25, 1900, with the Grand Lodge of Ohio again opening a session and taking charge of the proceedings. The first candidate to receive the degree in the new Temple was Brother Harry W. Jones, who was initiated January 30, 1900, and who for forty years served as Treasurer of Hiram Lodge, being first elected December 10, 1907, and dying while in office on December 27, 1947.

In 1900, Committees were appointed to define the duties of the Tyler and decide on a salary by the Lodge and chapter. It was understood by the chapter that the Tyler of the Lodge would also act as Guard of the Chapter. With this understanding the two committees met and agreed on a common report, within they defined the duties. The duties of the Tyler and Guard shall be to tyle and Guard for all meetings of the Lodge and Chapter. He shall see that the Hall, Anteroom, and Reception Room are comfortably warm and properly lighted and, at the order of the Lodge or Chapter, shall heat and light a banquet hall. He shall keep the furnace free from ashes and in proper condition for lighting fires. He shall keep the Lodge and adjacent rooms clean by proper sweeping and dusting, cleaning the window glass whenever they shall need cleaning and caring for the windows and rooms as a housewife would care for the rooms in her home. He shall keep the walks leading to the street clean and free from dirt or snow. He shall wash aprons and gloves, tablecloths, towels, and Chapter curtains whenever they shall need cleaning. For the services we recommend that he shall be paid $100 per year beginning with the installation of the Lodge and continuing until the next installation. Further, he shall be relieved of all Lodge and Chapter dues. Depending on the number of meetings held, the Lodge and Chapter shall pay their proportionate share of the salary. The report and recommendations were adopted.