1987 thru 1991

in 1987 several noteworthy events occurred in Hiram Lodge; Worshipful Brother Clyde Beougher, Mad River Lodge #161 made a replica of the “Traveling Hiram Gavel “and presented it to Worshipful Master Donald J. Lockwood, who accepted on behalf of Hiram Lodge. A $500 Scholarship was founded and it was to be presented to the nominee of the, Youth in Excellence Award, of Job’s Daughter Bethel #22. Hiram Lodge purchased all new robes and other regalia for Hiram Lodge, Delaware Chapter and Sidney Moore Council. The Sidney Moore Masonic Temple was listed on the Delaware Parade of Homes on October 25, 1987. The parking lot was enlarged and a brick wall with an iron fence was placed around the property. A stage curtain was added to the lodge room.

In 1987 the Hiram Lodge Scholarship was established. This scholarship is a four year tuition scholarship to be awarded to a Delaware County High School Senior or a Hiram Lodge Member’s son or daughter that resides outside of the county.

In 1988 Worshipful Brother Ronald J. Hanks, congratulated Wor. Bro. Clyde E. Beougher, Wor. Bro. J. Robert Farson, and Wor. Bro. Curtis G. Daniels Sr. on being elected as honorary members of Hiram Lodge.

On October 24, 1989, Worshipful Master Bruce L. Hagaman, honored Chaplain Arthur Hyer for serving as Chaplain of Hiram Lodge for 27 consecutive years. A reception followed for family and guests in the dining room.

In 1990 in honor of, Worshipful Brother Donald “Rusty “Landon, the family presented Hiram Lodge, a water color painting of The Masonic Temple by Ella Heingartner.

A resolution was received by, Worshipful Master A. Fred Ufferman, from the City of Delaware recognizing Hiram Lodge #18 for the financing the flag pole that was installed in front of the Municipal Building.

On June 2,1990 Worshipful Master A. Fred Ufferman was summoned by the Supreme Grand Master of the Universe.

On July 27, 1990, Hiram Lodge met in a special communication in George Washington Masonic National Memorial, Alexandria, Va. The host lodge was Andrew Jackson # 120 A.F.& A.M. Worshipful Master Frank B. Carson with the assistance of other officers and members conferred the Fellowcraft Degree on Bro. Homer Leslie Carson.

In 1991 a flag pole was erected on the Northeast corner of the lot to display the American Flag to honor the Servicemen that have served their country and defended our freedom.

The Trustees and the Lodge members approved a unique stair and elevator addition to Temple that was completed in 1991. The Project architect, Peter S. MaCrae, A.I.A. from Kellam and Associates Inc, described the work to in the following account:
“The stair and elevator addition was proposed in an effort to provide the members with handicapped as well as enclosed fire exit egress. It was proposed that the new addition do nothing to detract from the historic character and downtown presence of the existing facility and to augment, support and magnify these same existing positive characteristics.” “In order that the proposed addition take on the characteristics of a ‘tower,’ the fire stair itself was allowed to encircle the elevator shaft. The stair and the elevator provide access to all four levels which currently exist at the facility. This addition was designed to be completely free standing, having no structural commonalty with the existing building.” “The exterior aesthetic of the stair tower addition takes its queues from the existing historical structure, all new items take their form from existing details on the historical building. Renovation of the existing building was undertaken with the new addition so that the portions of the existing building which needed repair and for remodeling would not appear, glaring in light of the new addition planned for the project. For example, replacement windows are provided in all of the existing dormers and new brick, to exactly match the existing brick, will be used in lieu of the contrasting brick which currently infills former windows and door areas on the old building.” “On the interior of the new addition, materials of their highest quality were chosen to duplicate those materials and detailing used in the existing building. As an example, the stair railing is made out of natural finish hardwood and incorporates continuous accent lighting concealed beneath the running hand rail.

All metals in the new addition are polished brass color to match those in the existing facility. Symbols of Masonry appear at the main entrance level atop the basement flight of steps, on the entrance canopy and inside the elevator cab in the inlay carpet artwork.” “The stair and elevator facility and other modifications to the project were designed in such a way to provide to the lodge members and the public, a facility which, like its neighbor is rendered to allow it to last for the hundreds of years into the future. ”

Hiram Lodge purchased three parcels of land in 1991 on the East side of Franklin St. and plan to use them as a parking lot to accommodate visiting brethren. In 1992 the Lodge purchased the O’Brien property on the East side of these lots. This project has been completed and the parking lot is leased to the city for its use during the day.