1925 thru 1948

with the year 1925, Hiram Lodge approved the action of the Worshipful Master, Secretary, and Treasurer, in offering the use of the Lodge Hall to Ostrander Lodge number 594 for its meetings until they can prepare a place for their meetings. On July 13, 1925, a standard Lodge had a disastrous fire.

In 1926, the Secretary requested the Worshipful Master to appoint a committee of one to confer with the Chapter and Council in regard to the purchase of an addressograph, he stated that he had that addressed more than 3000 letters and cards in 1926.

W.B. J. Leo Sperling, reporting for the trustees, informed the Lodge that they had received an offer of $1500 for the house and lots included in the Gary Wirt Estate and that the trustees of Jackson Lodge, Seymour, Indiana, approved the sale at the price quoted. On vote, the trustees were authorized to sell the property.

On January 22, 1936, the 125th Anniversary of Hiram Lodge was celebrated. This same day a severe cold wave hit Delaware and the temperature dropped to 24 degrees below zero. Preparations for 400 had been made but 175 attended, and many of those could not leave because their cars were frozen.

In 1936, W.B. Yehley, representing the Trustees, requested and was granted permission to use the rooms currently used for storage by the Chapter and Council for the purpose of installing toilets.

On November 22, 1938, a reception was held for Worshipful Brother Eugene P. Nash when he received his commission from the Grand Master as a District Deputy Grand Master of the 14th Masonic District.

In November 1938, Hiram Lodge received 612 Shares of Signal Oil & Gas Company Stock from the Gary Wirt Estate.

In 1939 the Trustees were authorized to install, “ what- ever heating plant they may select, not to exceed $1500 ”, and to have constructed a vault for the preservation of our Masonic records for not more than $350. Both of these projects were completed and time has demonstrated that price is less important than quality. The furnace was inadequate in the vault cause the records to mildew and deteriorate.

Worshipful Brother Raymond M. Siegfried was appointed Deputy Grand Master by the Grand Lodge in 1942.

At the election in November of 1948, the Board of Trustees, who have been charged with the maintenance of the Temple, was increased from 3 to 5 members with regulations as to succession terms.