1916 thru 1924

in 1916, Brother C. B. Adams donated a Gavel to the Lodge. The head of the Gavel is made from wood taken from the Old North Church where the lanterns were hung the night Brother Paul Revere made his famous ride “One if by land and two if by sea”, and the handle is made from wood taken from the Congregational Church where the first Continental Congress was held. This gavel now reposes in the Archives of the Lodge.

The trustees reported to the Lodge that the roof of the Temple was in need of considerable repairs. They recommended the Cornices and gutters be removed and replaced with hanging gutters. They estimate the cost at $700, mainly due to the scaffolding the building. They were authorized to have the repairs made.

In 1917, Brother F. A. Owen, administrator of the estate of Mrs. Sarah Moore, paid the Lodge the bequest of $10,000.00 less inheritance tax of $475.00, leaving $9525.00, the net amount paid to the Lodge. It was ordered that a certificate of deposit be procured from The Deposit Banking Company for $9525.00 in the name of the Worshipful Master, Treasurer. And Secretary. A claim for $2500.00 was presented against the Estate of Mrs. Sarah Moore for six years care. The Lodge directed Brother Owen: to reject this claim.

In 1917, it was directed that the Lodge subscribe for $10,000.00 of the new 4% Liberty Loan Bonds and when received, these bonds to be stamped by rubber stamp “Property of Hiram Lodge No. 18 F.&A.M.”; that a safety deposit box be rented at one of the Banks in the name of Hiram Lodge as a depository for these bonds and other Lodge Securities. Adopted.

The first time we find the name of Gary Wirt appearing in the minutes was at a special communication held October 24, 1918, for the purpose of conducting the funeral service for brother. Brother words Lodge was given as Jackson Lodge No. 146, Seymour Ohio, the secretary was in error in this entry as Seymour is located in Indiana.

In 1921, the Club Room Committee was instructed to investigate the purchase of a pool table or tables and report, and to use their discretion and the purchase of a billiard table.

In 1923, the Club Room Committee reported they had purchased a pool table for $100.00. An order is drawn to pay for same after deduction the sum that the Chapter and Council should pay.

In 1924, the Trustees submitted plans and specifications for the erection of the fire escape and were ordered to carry out the orders of the State Authorities in the matter. The members present decided the fire escape should descend from the window in the ante room.

Gary Wirt, aged 64 years, died on November 6, 1924, at Seaside Hospital, Long Beach, California. He was born January 15, 1860, at Brownstown, Indiana. Mr. Wirt was a former resident of Delaware, Ohio, leaving for California in the early 1920’s after the death of his wife. He was a retired master mechanic for the Big Four Railroad, having served for 35 years in that capacity at Louisville, Kentucky, Wabash, Indiana and Delaware, Ohio. Then in 1922 Bro. Gary Wirt was a partner in the Coal dealing firm of Wirt & Lambert at 24 N. Henry St. His wife preceded him in death in 1919. He was a member of Jackson Lodge No. 146 in Seymour, Indiana and the Elk Lodge of Delaware, Ohio. Mr. Wirt was one of the best known men in Delaware and his death was a great surprise to all as no one in Delaware was aware of his illness. While in Delaware, Ohio, he came in contact with many men and during his relation here with the railway company proved himself to be a man of proficiency. He was skilled in his work and made a success of what he knew. He was highly regarded by his friends and stood high in this community. On November 16, 1924, services were conducted by Hiram Lodge at the Masonic Temple and committal services at Oak Grove Cemetery. Brother Wirt willed his estate to Jackson Lodge at Seymour, Indiana and to Hiram Lodge. It was nine years before the estate was settled. This bequest has grown over the years to a very large amount of money. Thus, the chief benefactors of Hiram Lodge were Sidney Moore and Gary Wirt. On September 14, 1928, the Lodge passed a resolution that their graves together with those of their wives be decorated each Memorial Day.